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Metals In Siddha Medicine

Sakthipanchakshari With 18 Siddhas  Metals In Siddha Medicine Author Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh           Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh is an Indian Martial arts Guru, renowned for his expertise in ancient Indian martial arts, kalaripayattu. He is a fifth-generation Kalaripayattu Guru, who leads Agastyam Kalaripayattu, boasting a remarkable legacy of 127 years. Beyond martial arts, he is also a filmmaker, media personality, and writer, with a strong commitment to promote Kalaripayattu as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.        H ope you have heard about the Siddha system in India! " Andathil Ullathe Pindam.. Pindathilullathe andam "          These are some padals by Chattaimuni in Chattaimuni Gnana Vilakkam about the connection between the physical body and the cosmos.          Like Chattaimuni or Koothambai, the 18 Siddhars have sung about the intimate connection or equivalence of the microCOsm and the macroCOsm, or the super consciousness and the

Martial Arts

  Gurukkal Dr. S MAHESH And Shiva Ashan   Martial Arts Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh             W e know that martial arts and their evolution took place over thousands of years. Martial arts originated along with mankind's first cultural formations. In ancient India, China and Greece, martial arts were created as a form of resistance and tool for survival. As you might know, we measure cultures or civilisations through the presence of their tools and weapons. It is the discovery of tools and weapons that help us recognise and study cultures.                         From stone flints and arrowheads, they moved to iron and other metals. As the tools changed, culture changed. Civilisational history is a history of conflict, of war. Along with wars, the arts related to war developed. The cave paintings and other pictographs from ancient cultures around the world show that military training or martial arts training was an integral part of society.           Naturally such trai


     Nature's poetry written in the whispers of leaves. πŸŒΏπŸƒ Agasthyayanam     Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh Experiencing Agasthya at Podigai                     M ountains have always been symbols of culture formation. They form the basis of origin and evolution of societies. Some mountains tower above us bearing the weight of epics and myths over eons. They stand tall confident that the time and battles that pass by their foot will not bother them.  Many religions and traditions are centered on such legendary mounts.  Even today, they are believed to be the stairways to the heavens.  For practitioners of Yoga, the Kailasa is a spiritual fountainhead. Abode of Aadi Yogi Siva. It is a Moksha portal for devotees. Buddhism and Jainism also accord importance to Kailasa. The great agasthya peak      Mount Olympus, Ararat, Mount Sinai etc are some of the royal mountains that have been worshiped throughout history. In India, just as Kailasa in the north, Agasthya peak soars in the south. Te