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Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh Bodhidharma Attair Bodhidharma : The Blue-eyed Monk Author Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh           B odhidharma, the founder of Chan / Zen Buddhism. The protector of dharma (the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence).The Chinese called the blue-eyed with piercing looks, long beard, with an unrefined look,quick tempered, he was a big fore headed voyager. A martial artist practitioner who came from India specifically from South India and reached China. Some say he came from Persia. Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh Meditaing                     The story of Bodhidharma, the Indian founder of Chinese martial arts, is shrouded in myth and legend. Bodhidharma is revered as a master of various practices, including ' adithada ', ' kuthuvarsai ', and ' silmabam ’.He is saint who introduced these practices internationally. The Chinese call him “ Damo ”, while in Japan he is known as “ Dharmo ”. The name suggests a person with spiritual knowledge- Dharma, the

The Ancient Art of Kalaripayattu: A Journey Through Time and Healing

The Ancient Art of Kalaripayattu: A Journey Through Time and Healing Author Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh Do you know that Kalaripayattu has a unique healing or curing system associated with it, setting it apart from other martial arts? Do you know that Kalaripayattu encompasses both physical training and a healing system, offering a holistic approach to health and well-being?    Tracing the roots   Gurukkal Dr S Mahesh     Kalaripayattu, one of the world's oldest martial arts, boasts a rich history that spans over 3,000 years, and it is often referred to as the mother of all martial arts. Originating in southern India, its roots can be traced back to the Sangam period, from the 3rd century BCE to the 4th century CE. This ancient art has evolved from the combat techniques used by warriors and hunters in the region, with "Kalari" denoting the training arena and "Payattu" signifying combat or fight, giving rise to the name "Kalaripayattu."        The evidence of