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Agasthyam kalaripayattu

  Gurukkal The wellness and wisdom of kalaripayattu             A gasthyam Kalari , is the ultimate destination for seekers of the ancient southern martial art of Kalaripayattu and the revered Kalari healing systems in Thiruvananthapuram. Nestled in the heart of tradition, our retreat proudly upholds a legacy that spans over 126 years.             Under the expert guidance of Gurukkal Dr. S. Mahesh , an esteemed authority in the realm of Kalaripayattu, our students not only master the intricate techniques but also embark on a transformative journey of self-realization. Dr. Mahesh Gurukkal, a fifth-generation martial artist, was initiated into Kalaripayattu at a tender age, inheriting a profound legacy from his family deeply rooted in this ancient art form. His lineage traces back to the legendary Kalari master, Shri R. Sanal Kumar Gurukkal, who possessed extraordinary knowledge in the Thekkan Sampradayam style, as well as the Siddha healing practices.           Agasthyam

Benefits of kalari

    Benefits of kalari   Author Gurukkal Dr. S Mahesh           H ow does Kalaripayattu help here? Along with defence techniques, it teaches us how to live. It teaches us life skills. Helps us towards warrior mind-set, to be fearless, to face crisis, to lead a society, to respect your enemy, Kalaris used to teach these.   Let us examine these skills.      1. Warrior Mindset     2. Fearless Mind and       3. Awareness   Gurukkal   What is the warrior mindset?           Warrior has to fight under all circumstances and help his or her society. That is the Dharma. It doesn't mean walking around with sword and shield today……….. or physically fighting. But leaders are those who faced all kinds of situations in life without panicking or faltering.             A leader is in fact a warrior. Warrior is focused, disciplined, aggressive. She fights not for themselves but for others. If we examine history of Kalaris, we find that heroes and heroines, Veeras and Veera